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WHY OUR PRODUCTS? For countless generations mans ancestors from around the world have acquired invaluable knowledge and experience of mother natures most powerful natural means for achieving positive effects on the human body. Our formulas are the result of this wisdom, refined and perfected by modern science and production methods. The finest and most powerful ingredients are brought together for you perfectly and in the most effective but safe form, potency and dosage.


HOW BREAST FIRM® WORKS Breast development is under the influence of female hormones. This is evident by the natural changes a woman experience monthly as she goes through her cycle. The all -natural herbs in Breast Firm® do not contain actual hormones; however, they do contain Phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are a group of substance found in plants that have estrogenic properties. Phytoestrogens, through their natural balance of female hormones, most women taking herbs containing these Phytoestrogens notice a significant increase in size, fullness and balance of their breast. In addition, Phytoestrogens have been shown in clinical studies to lower the incidence of female related cancer i.e. breast, ovarian, endometrial, uterine, etc. Women can now safely increase their breast size with natural herbal ingredients in the Breast Firm® with the added confidence that they are improving their overall health and reducing certain female risk factors. For years now, women have had very few options in regards to adding size to their bust. Some alternatives have included risky breast enlargement surgery, and awkward padded brassieres. Statistics show that annually, women spend tens of millions on surgical procedures, cushioned garments and other radical alternative methods in an effort to increase their breast size. Some are successful, but countless are left wondering why they wasted their valuable time, money, and energy. Millions of women throughout the world would prefer larger, fuller, firmer breasts, but do not want to take the risk of breast enlargement surgery, or do not like the "fake breast" look, achieved by breast implants. Breast Firm® is a natural breast support alternative.

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You will gain breast size whilst using Breast Firm without any side effects but because everyone is different there is no way to determine how long this will take before you see results so it would be impossible to give you a estimated time scale, most first time customers buy the 4 or 6 month course and top up if needed.

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1 month course 1 bottle 60 capsules £19.99

month course 2 bottles 120 capsules £34.99

month course 3 bottles 180 capsules £49.99

month course 4 bottles 240 capsules £64.99

month course 6 bottles 360 capsules £94.99

month course 8 bottles 480 capsules £119.99


12 month course 12 bottles 720 capsules £159.99

24 month course 24 bottles 1,440 capsules £289.99

60 month course 60 bottles = 3,600 capsules £499.99

240 month course 240 bottles 14,400 capsules £1,600

720 month course 720 bottles = 43,200 capsules £4,300

GUARANTEE: If you are not happy with any of our products for any reason you may return any unopened bottles for a full-face value refund within six months of sale date. If your item does not arrive or arrives damaged you will be covered by PayPal and we will either refund you in full or send you a replacement, this will be your choice.


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